In 2012, the New Hampshire legislature passed the Opportunity Scholarship Act, establishing tax credits for donations from businesses to scholarship organizations to allow low- and moderate-income families to choose the schools that best fit their children’s needs. Under the act, Education Tax Credit scholarships can be used by children attending private schools, out-of-district public schools, and homeschools.

In 2015, the Giving and Going Alliance became the second scholarship organization eligible to administer Education Tax Credit scholarships. In its first five years of managing Education Tax Credit scholarships, GGA has helped 535 New Hampshire children using scholarships worth more than $1,222,571.

GGA is a New Hampshire organization with a network of partner schools, each providing scholarships that empower parents to choose schools they otherwise could not afford.

GGA looks forward to working with families using Education Tax Credit scholarships, the schools they attend, and individuals and businesses contributing to scholarships for many years to come.


Our vision is to improve the education of children in New Hampshire by empowering families to send their children to the school that will provide them with the best environment for learning and quality of education.


Our mission is to help families wishing to send their children to faith-based private schools by providing an opportunity for businesses to make education tax-credit donations to provide such students with scholarships. As part of fulfilling this mission, we work with partner schools, aligned with our mission, to raise and distribute funds to our low-income families.